First boat wash in Switzerland!

We open our BIGWASH16 in the marina Kiebitz, Wangen SZ, Lake Zurich. Currently we are testing our booking system, contacting local boatyards and boat owners and will be there for you for the start of the 2023 season! Appointment for visits:

The revolution of boat cleaning

Drive in, wash, drive out

Like for the car, only for the boat. In 15 min­utes the hull of your boat is clean and you‘re ready to go.

Improving fuel efficiency

Cleaning your boat‘s hull will have an immediate impact on the performance of the boat, improving fuel efficiency and speed.

100% ecological

A regular cleaning program will keep your boat free of fouling so that environmentally harmful antifouling paints can be reduced.

Simplify boat maintenance

Save yourself the effort of scraping, grinding and painting the boat year after year. No more inhaling harmful substances.




Official partner

The Swiss – Swedish collaboration and innovation is an advance of technology. Thanks to the extension of the offer, there is a gain in time and space to carry out more profitable work such as renovations and work on engines and technology. Last but not least, toxic antifouling can be reduced in the long term, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.

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Approximately 95,000 motor and sailing boats are registered throughout Switzerland

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