The revolution of boat cleaning

Get in, clean up, get out

Same as car, but for boats. In 15 minutes, the hull of your boat will be clean and ready to go.

Improving fuel efficiency

Cleaning the hull of your boat has an immediate effect on boat performance, improving fuel efficiency and speed.

100% Eco-friendly

A regular cleaning program will keep your boat free of dirt, so no environmentally harmful antifouling paint is required.

Simplify boat maintenance

Save yourself the trouble of scraping, sanding and painting the boat year after year. Stop inhaling harmful substances while in use.

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We are the contact for Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, the Mediterranean coast (France and Corsica), Monaco and the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Minorca and Ibiza).
Approximately 95,000 motor and sailing boats are registered throughout Switzerland

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