The Concept

Origin – country of innovation Sweden

Sweden found itself in second place after Switzerland, maintaining its leading position. This makes Sweden the leading country among the Nordic countries and the leading national economy.

Global Innovation Index 2019

We offer potential partners a range of investment opportunities

The turnkey option

The facilities are completely purchased by the investor. We deliver and install the plants on site. We coordinate the installation on site and provide training for operation and maintenance. Tailor-made service and maintenance packages can be adapted to the specific location.

Cooperation options

In a typical partnership, we own the facilities equally. The investor partners run the machine with a royalty on the sale granted to us. As with the turnkey option, all local installations and training are taken care of by us. Tailor-made partnerships can also be adapted if necessary.

A more detailed break-even analysis is available on request. Note: Regional approvals and regulatory requirements are generally the responsibility of the investor. We have prior knowledge or experience in this area and will be happy to advise you. We look forward to your request: